Sales is one of the careers where there’s a huge divide between the outstanding salesperson and the mediocre. Top salespersons often earn more than their CEOs and are considered a valuable asset to their organizations. But what does it take to be considered an outstanding salesperson? One that effortlessly brings in sales while others struggle to find leads? The following are the top traits of an outstanding salesperson.

Top Traits Of An Outstanding Salesperson

1. Confidence

The top salespersons in the world have an air of confidence that sets them apart from the rest of the population. An outstanding salesperson is usually at ease approaching a prospect and striking up a conversation. Contrary to what many people believe, many salespeople aren’t naturally confident. Rather, they derive their confidence from knowing their product and prospect.

2. Empathy

Top salespersons aren’t usually out to make a quick buck from selling a product or service. Their goal is usually to provide a useful solution to their prospect. A top salesperson will usually consider the prospect’s problem first and then offer a solution in the form of a product or service.

3. Patient

Without patience, many of the outstanding salespersons in history wouldn’t be known. Every salesperson starts at the same point, the first sales proposition. In many cases, the first sales proposition doesn’t result in a sale. However, rather than give up, the outstanding salesperson moves to the next prospect and lead with their proposition patiently assessing results and making changes until the first sale is achieved.

4. Results driven

Outstanding salespeople are driven by results rather than excuses. Every new day is viewed as an opportunity to achieve a specific result. The salesperson will therefore set goals and create strategies to achieve them. The salesperson is also flexible when setting the results to achieve. This allows him or her to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that all goals are achieved within the set period.

5. Analytical

Becoming an outstanding salesperson doesn’t happen by chance. It involves hnjm23ed6y2ed6y27u282i22constant analysis of what works and what doesn’t. Self analysis forms a part of the top salesperson’s daily ritual. He or she wants to know why a certain sale was successful or not and taking note of what needs to be done to increase chances of success in the next sale.

6. Lifelong students of human behavior

The world’s most outstanding salespeople are lifelong students of human psychology and behavior. They take it upon themselves to understand why people buy specific products and not others. By understanding human behavior, the salesperson is in a better position to identify the best solution to a prospect’s problems.